Полезные ссылки лета 2018

Пропрокрастинировал, а вот уже и ссылок набежало.


Использование РИНЦ и Science Index для анализа и оценки научной деятельности

As the World Cup Approaches, PEN Authors Press Moscow for Oleg Sentsov’s Release

Romanian Author-Politician Ovidiu Raeţchi Launches a ‘Pact for Books’ Вот как надо поддерживать чтение! А не вот этот весь год литературы.

Ъ: Вице-президент “Просвещения” Наталья Фирсова: «Преждевременно говорить о каких-либо пересмотрах судебных актов»

Роспатент аннулировал товарный знак «Просвещения» – Бизнес – Коммерсантъ

Odilo sets up platform to promote e-reading - European Commission

Oтраслевая конференция «Состояние и проблемы российского книгоиздания и книгораспространения. Прогноз на будущее»

Russia’s Clever Media Group Now Talking of September for North American Launch

John Wiley saw 5% revenue jump in 2018 | The Bookseller

Ъ: «Просвещение» осваивает английский

Rebus Projects

Words-to-be-read are losing ground to words-to-be-heard, a new stage of digital content evolution | The Idea Logical Company

2018-06 UNT.pdf

Heather Joseph & Tim O’Reilly Join Coko Advisory Board : Collaborative Knowledge Foundation

The Open Source Ecosystem Transforming Research Communication

Challenges and opportunities (but mostly opportunities) for open source infrastructure in library publishing | Library Publishing Coalition

Vega Academic Publishing System – Homepage Birkbeck CTP’s Janeway

«Одноклассники» запустили библиотеку аудиокниг – ВЕДОМОСТИ


Wattpad Announces a Partnership With Bavaria Fiction

Welcome Atavist! A Groundbreaking Publishing Platform Joins the WordPress.com Family — The WordPress.com Blog

Barnes & Noble’s Nook Division Generated $111 Million Last Year, and Employs 57 People | The Digital Reader

NOOK turned its first ever full-year profit

Adrénalivre launches word’s first interactive ebook subscription service - The New Publishing Standard

At CONTEC Mexico: ‘Every Nation Is a Different Book’ for Storytel

Amazon Freetime Unlimited Launches on iOS | The Digital Reader

Google Reopens their Play Books Publisher Program

Poland’s printing industry prospering as Poles read more books. Digital printing helps ease cashflow problems. Ebooks slowly rising despite Amazon’s indifference - The New Publishing Standard

Одна НОРА для всех О Национальном агрегаторе открытых репозиториев российских университетов.

New Estimates Suggest $2.5 Billion Were Spent on Audiobooks in the US in 2017 | The Digital Reader

Amazon Launches Support for Arabic Language Books on Kindle | Business Wire

Электронным книгам озвучили прогноз – Газета Коммерсантъ № 109 (6347) от 26.06.2018

Reading habits in the past | Europeana Blog

Бедные английские писатели

How Much Do Writers in the UK Earn? The UK’s ALCS Report Offers New Input

News | The Society of Authors

Publishers are paying writers a pittance, say bestselling authors | Books | The Guardian

Society of Authors and ALCS Present Talking Points to Publishers on Author Income

Эксперименты с интеграцией hypothes.is:

Калоши счастья. Сказка Андерсена



Chapter 1. Loomings.


DC Comics to Launch Digital Subscription Service

How to Lease a Virtual Mac Online to Upload eBooks to iBooks | The Digital Reader

Сканами библиотечных книг можно будет пользоваться удаленно — Российская газета

PubSweet – How to Build a Publishing Platform – Adam Hyde Целое пособие о том, как пользоваться фреймворком PubSweet и наладить своё собственное безмакетное производство книг и журналов.

Spain’s Casa del Lector Focuses on Building Reading Habits К вопросу о пропаганде: целый «Дом чтения».

Barnes & Noble Just Sacked CEO Demos Parneros | The Digital Reader


fulcrum Manifold

Five Tropes Fanfic Readers Love (And One They Hate)

Five Tools for Better World-Building For Your Next Book | The Digital Reader

Russia’s Oldest Publisher of Scientific Literature May Face Bankruptcy

KDP Print Expands Its Distribution Network to Include US Bookstores | The Digital Reader

Ebooks in your Pocket: Announcing BookFunnel Print Codes – BookFunnel: the blog

Russia’s LitRes sees 46% ebook growth as Storytel Russia grows. Subscription model has much to offer - The New Publishing Standard

40% of Argentines read a book last year. Only 7% read an ebook. But the future is digital - The New Publishing Standard

Shake-up looms in French publishing as Vivendi aspires to buy out Editis - The New Publishing Standard

UK print advertising revenue rises, bucking a 7 year trend - The New Publishing Standard

Paged.js – sneak peeks – Paged Media


How to Upload a PDF to the Kindle Store, and Sell It | The Digital Reader

Publisher eBook Revenues Fell 3% in First Four Months of 2018 | The Digital Reader

Ebook sales decline 3% in first four months of 2018

Web Typography Resources for Web Designers and Web Developers | Better Web Type

Investment Group Buys 5.7% Stake in B&N, Demands Replacement of Len Riggio’s Taxidermist | The Digital Reader

AAP Estimates US Book Publishing Industry Generated $26 Billion in Revenue Last Year | The Digital Reader

Book publishers generated $26 billion in 2017

Kindle Unlimited Funding Pool, Per-Page Rate, Rose Slightly in June 2018 | The Digital Reader

Gutenberg — A Meaningful Web Typography Starter Kit

PublishDrive Announces Partnership with Chinese Retailer Dangdang

Reformed Music Pirates Increasingly Choose Legal Streaming Services - TorrentFreak

Tablet sales have declined for the past four years in a row

Amazon Rapids ditches subscription model and is now free

LLA_Revue_LithuanianPublishing_2018.pdf Обзор рынка Литвы.

Germany’s Weltbild Launches an eBook Subscription, Also Reminds Us Why Amazon is Winning the Book Market | The Digital Reader

Overdrive audiobooks and ebooks will be available soon in Sweden

People are losing their faith in e-books

Spotify debuts Archie Motion Comics

Walmart will start selling Kobo e-readers and e-books on August 21st

EPUB Checker: Update – EPUBSecrets

How do readers use ebooks? — BookNet Canada

This Guy Figured Out How to Turn an Old Kindle Into the Perfect Clock for Book Nerds

Web Publications Последний черновик WebPub

E-Book Piracy is declining in Europe

The History of Kobo and how they changed the e-reader market

Пираты ЛитРесова моря — The Moscow Post

EPUB export: We’ve built the door! – Editoria

Exploring Editoria today! – Editoria

Call for Review: EPUB 3.2 | W3C Blog

Reports Indicate the World Cup Boosted Book Sales for Traditional Russian Titles

EPUB 2 sunset · readium/readium.github.io Wiki · GitHub Whitepaper, почему EPUB3 лучше EPUB2. Потому что EPUB3.

Beyond the Book: MIT Media Lab and MIT Press on the ‘Frankenbook’ Project

Are subscription models crucial for the future of books? | The Bookseller

Walmart’s eBookstore is Launching Today | The Digital Reader

German eBook Market Estimated to Exceed 100 Million Euros in First Half of 2018 | The Digital Reader

Amazon to Open Two Bookstores in Denver, Could Buy a Movie Theater Chain | The Digital Reader

Stripe Press — Ideas for progress

Kindle Unlimited Funding Pool Grew in July 2018 While the Per-Page Rate Fell | The Digital Reader

Amazon Changes Payment Terms for German Distributors | The Digital Reader

New Report: American Teens Spend Less Time Reading

Russia’s Small Booksellers and Publishers Say Big Players Hurt Business

China’s Book Market in the First Half of 2018: Slower Growth, Rising Prices

Are subscription models crucial for the future of books? | The Bookseller

Can Blockchain Disrupt The E-Book Market? Two Startups Will Find Out

New York Public Library turns literary classics into Insta Stories | Mobile Marketing Magazine

How Teens and Parents Navigate Screen Time and Device Distractions | Pew Research Center

Amazon sold several million Kindle e-readers in China

The best digital textbook solutions for students in 2018

You can now borrow Overdrive ebooks on ALL Kobo e-readers

The Storytel e-Reader now available

Least likely headline you’ll see this year: Ebook company buys film studio for $2.5 bn - The New Publishing Standard

«Эксмо» готовится купить «Издательский дом Мещерякова» - Новости – Потребительский рынок – Коммерсантъ

Will Walmart’s eBook Gift Card Effort Succeed? - BookWorks

Будущее книги: манифест издательства «Бюро Горбунова»

Germany’s Bertelsmann Reports a Half-Year Decline at PRH; Dohle Messages Staff

The Entourage Edge Lives Again - This Time as a Notebook from Lenovo | The Digital Reader

Gutenberg’s Revenge

How Subscription Business Models are Changing Business and Investing (the Microeconomics of Subscriptions) – 25iq